No Lies, Just Love.

Ask me anything   Submit   I'm Mia. Half human and Half alien.
From Philippines. Female.
19 years of existence in this freaking world.
Future Engineer.

I am what I am.
Friendly. Funny. Clumsy. Sensitive. Caring. Crazy. Sweet. Childish. Moody. Faithful. Vain. Hopeless Romantic. Short tempered.

I love: Tumblr. Blogging. Movies. Daniel Radcliffe. Koreanovelas. Anime. Photography. Surprises. Purple. Food. Eating. Singing. Rihanna. Music. Rnb. Chocolates. Liquors. March&September. God. Family. Totay. Bestfriends. Friends.

Respect me, I'll respect you. Simple as that.
I do appreciate my followers.

I love hugs & kisses.

    Gusto ko ngayon kainin lahat yan! >,<

    Gusto ko ngayon kainin lahat yan! >,<

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